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Since the begging, more than 15 years ago, in Mel Tour Srl our main goal has been exceeding or clients' expectations. In order to achieve our objective we count with the human resources group at the disposal of our clients 24 hours a day, the 365 days of the year. Thanks to them, we have managed to develop strong relationships with our clients based on mutual trust; being these the key of our success thought out the years.
In order not to betray that confidence, in Mel tour we are in constant personnel training and updating of our technological resources utilized for the programming and coordination of our services.
Our business is registered with the public registry of Lima and we dedicate ourselves to tourism in Peru and throughout the world.
The number one priority of our agency is to ensure that our client receives personalized attention and excellent service. We will attend to the smallest detail. It's your job to relax and have a fantastic time. It's our job to make sure you do.
In Mel tour we are pride of our heritage; therefore we not only diffuse Peruvian culture by facilitating our countrymen to international destinations; but also attracting foreign tourists in order for them to have a firsthand experience of living in a nation with such a big variety of gastronomic, cultural, and geographical diversity like the one Peru has.
We invite you to trust us your illusions and only think about enjoying the experiences that await you to the fullest, we will take care of the rest.

Susana Torres / Manager


Our mission is to offer the best prices you can find for any tour you would like to take.
For this, we have defined our quality range in "Good Services" and adjusted the extra expenses to the minimum, achieving an appropiate "quality - price" range for any person that would like to travel in Peru or international travel.
Our fundamental purpose is client satisfication, utilizing an extensive network contacts throughout Peru to coordinate and execute this pursuit.
Our efforts are 100% directed towards the client, with an emphasis on HONESTY, SECURITY, and QUALITY – a reputation we have earned through much hard work and dedication.
Come discover the enchantments of Peru with us, and we will give you an unforgettable experience

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